Summer, where are you going?

Um, is it just me or is summer kind of just not wanting to stick around? One month from now James will be 6 and heading off to 1st grade. What the what? Then it’ll be Halloween, Thanksgiving…. and then… yes. It will be CHRISTMAS before we know it.

We are more than half way done with 2013. I’ll be 25 in September. And sure, I am still a baby according to some of you. But to me- I will be HALF WAY TO 50. QUARTER OF A CENTURY, Y’ALL. Seriously, what the hell? Do any of you feel like you’re just running out of time? I do. I’m a single mom, I work 40 hours a week, I am damn near stretched to the limit. I want to see stuff you guys. And not on the TV or the internet. I want to see the world with my own eyeballs. I’ll be 70 by the time it happens. I’ll be one of those old ladies in a hoveround checking out the grand canyon in a commercial.

Is there some kind of trick I don’t know about that slows time down? A home remedy? Should I light lemon scented candles and hold a séance?

I guess all I can do is just try to enjoy every moment of every day. But sometimes the moment has come and gone before I ever even knew it was here.


One thought on “Summer, where are you going?

  1. I was a single mom of one at 25 too. (Now I am happily married with 3 kids.) Time does go by SO fast. I often think that when I finally have the money and time to “get out and see the world” I’ll be too old to enjoy it. Then I remind myself there are two ways to “add more years” in your life: 1) wake up earlier. 2) don’t watch television. Not that I follow that advice at all, but I should.

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